Natural Simplicity


    Simplicity in Dress Recommends the Wearer's Religion.

--Simplicity of dress will make a sensible woman appear to the best advantage.   

     Dress as Christians should dress --simply, plainly adorn yourselves as becometh women professing godliness, with good works. 

     Many, in order to keep pace with absurd fashion, lose their taste for natural simplicity and are charmed with the artificial. They sacrifice time and money, the vigor of intellect, and true elevation of soul, and devote their entire being to the claims of fashionable life. 

     Dear youth, a disposition in you to dress according to the fashion, and to wear lace, and gold, and artificials for display, will not recommend to others your religion or the truth that you profess. People of discernment will look upon your attempts to beautify the external as proof of weak minds and proud hearts. 

CG 421