Public Modesty


     What do we see around us?  Especially in the summer time do the streets lack to bear the sight of modesty.  Who, any more has the thought of even self-respect, let alone thought of what is conveyed to the person walking by. What a world, full of selfish people with not a thought for most to say to himself, now, what is the right way to go to have happiness.  The normal thought is how can I look good to my friends or what can I do to have fun today?  How little can I wear and not break the law?

     Many who are not converted but claim to be a Christian are trying to be as much like the world as they dare to be and still make people think they are Christians.  They talk about Christ and read their Bible and go to church and sing in the choir and give Bible studies and even serve as deacon.  This can be a fatal deception because Jesus does not dwell where Satan is so we become blind to discern right from wrong when continuing to participate in the pleasures of the world.  The devil doesn’t care if we say we are Christians and go to church, for then he can use us to lure others from the straight and narrow pathway of obedience and love to Jesus on to the broad road of sin.

     The beaches and pools are filled with immodesty of people worshipping self and the sun. The Lord never intended for such an exhibition of nakedness to be displayed in a land that claims to be following Christ as their leader.  Is there no wonder why the young people have not learned right from wrong?  It is obvious that most people do not want to learn the way of salvation and just keep on in their own order of a confused life, instead of saying, “what must I do to be saved.”

     The way the parents dress their children from when they are young has taught them it doesn’t matter if I wear a bathing suit.  From a child he should be taught reserve and respect and modesty in preparation for the eternal bliss that is just ahead waiting for the faithful and true.

     Where in the Bible does it tell us to follow Christ in a bathing suit or have swimming parties?  There was only trouble when King David looked at a woman bathing.

     What others see when they look at us is telling a story of our character.  Everything we are wearing, every item of clothing or style of our adornment and our hair is telling something to the beholder's mind, whether we are talking to them or if they are walking by, there is an influence either for life or for death.

     The revealing clothes that are on people now are certainly appalling.  The tight clothes reveal every curve of the body besides they are unhealthful and hindering proper circulation.  The low necklines are so utterly sickening, as well as the tight tops, but this is very attractive to the carnal males and the female is just plain deliberately asking for trouble. So many lives are ruined before they know it.  So many do not realize their sacred obligation to preserve their body for the one they marry.  We are not to display our body for the world to behold.

     A man and a woman are to keep themselves pure and modest so to preserve the body only for the husband and wife to behold in holy matrimony.  This way the sacredness of marriage can be preserved for God who can give the supreme happiness that the couple are looking for when united in marriage, for love is only of God, we have none unless it is given us of God and we are obeying Him completely.

     Do you really believe people are going to walk through the gates of pearl in bathing suits and shorts, painted with the devils cosmetics and decked with his hair colorings.  Not one of the devil’s devices will enter heaven and if we hold on to them we will be destroyed with him.  Praise the Lord! No devil in heaven!  There will be peace and beauty beyond description.

     The Lord is very strict but very reasonable and He means every word He has spoken to the world.  He has been so generous to give us all the instructions on how to prepare for eternal life and we are so thankful to Him for doing this.